PRESS RELEASE - Wexiödisk launches biodegradable BIOLAT for potwashing

Wexiödisk launches environmentally friendly
BIOLAT for pot dishwashers


Wexiödisk is taking a significant step towards sustainability by introducing its latest groundbreaking product, BIOLAT. This more environmentally neutral substitute for the previously used GRANULATE, which was made from fossil materials, marks an advancement in our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact.


BIOLAT is a unique and innovative development in the dishwashing industry, made from a polymer that degrades in soil and compost. By replacing plastic with this more environmentally neutral solution, we aim to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable practices in dishwashing areas.

The product is specially designed for use in Wexiödisk’s range of pot dishwashers , including the WD-90 DUO TOUCH, WD-100GR TOUCH, and WD-90 GR TOUCH, all manufactured at Wexiödisk in Växjö.


How is BIOLAT used?

With BIOLAT, you achieve more efficient dishwashing, minimizing the need to soak burnt pans and difficult-to-clean pots and pans. BIOLAT is loaded into a container in the dishwasher, and as the items circulate in the machine, the BIOLAT "blasts" the dishes, removing dried-on food residues.

BIOLAT maintains the same high performance as the previous plastic product while reducing the ecological footprint by being recycled in a way that is gentle on our planet.

Even the packaging for BIOLAT is carefully designed to meet the same recycling requirements as the product itself. Each box contains 5 kg of BIOLAT and is an important part of Wexiödisk’s commitment to reducing environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle.


Wexiödisk’s Magnus Ericsson comments on the launch:

"We are dedicated to being industry leaders not only in terms of performance but also in reducing our environmental impact. BIOLAT is an example of our commitment to developing and offering sustainable solutions for our customers. Wexiödisk’s BIOLAT will be delivered with our pot dishwashers from June 1, 2024, and will thereafter be available for order through Wexiödisk’s dealers and spare parts partners."

A step in the company’s efforts to shape a greener and more sustainable future.


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Questions are answered by Magnus Ericsson.


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