The WD-100GR TOUCH is a granule potwasher that can wash with or without granules. The HACCP function in the machine's control programme ensures compliance with hygiene requirements. The machine can either be designed as a through-feed model for simplified logistics and improved ergonomics and hygiene, or as a frontloaded dishwasher. It is also equipped with efficient spin cycle technology. 

WD-100GR TOUCH is equipped with a user-friendly digital WD-TOUCH-display, which guides you through the entire dishwashing process.

  • Steam reduction as standard
  • Save energy and drying time with the condensing unit ECO-FLOW



  • No pre-washing or scrubbing by hand thanks to powerful washing with water and granules
  • Great hygiene and rapid drying with spin cycles 
  • Pass-through model for the high hygiene level
  • Heat recovery and a condensing battery reduce steam in the room
  • Can be equipped with trolley table and dockable loading trolley for perfect logistics
  • Easy servicing - can be performed from the front or the side
  • Effective dishwashing and high capacity with double rinse system


Effective and hygienic 

Avoid heavy lifting, while getting great wash results with one clean and one dirty side  in the washroom. While a cassette is being washed, you can prepare the other, which reduces the time for changing the loads. This increases the capacity and creates an efficient flow in the washroom. You can also separate dirty and clean dishes more effectively and hygienically. In smaller spaces, where throughput is not possible, the WD-100GR can also be supplied as a front-loaded only machine.







Smart heat recovery

The WD-100GR TOUCH is equipped with ECO-FLOW, which recovers energy is taken from the previous wash cycle to reuse in the next. Fresh air is sucked into the machine and the dishes dry far more quickly and effectively. Since the steam is condensed, the working environment is improved. The heat recovery means that the machine only consumes cold water during operation.









With large capacity

The WD-100GR TOUCH is our largest restaurant dishwasher, suitable for a kitchen serving 1000 - 3000 meals per day. Superb granule technology, together with double rinse system, removes the need for soaking and scrubbing. An array of flexible accessories further simplifies dishwashing practise and logistics.







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