Efficient and versatile dish-washers for bakeries

Spend your time baking - not washing baking trays! Wexiödisk offers three perfect dishwashers specifically designed for the bakery industry!

SMALL - For the smaller bakery 

- Pot dishwasher WD-8

With the foldable shelf option, you’ll gain a fully flexible machine that can wash several baking trays at the same time. Another useful option is the automatic hood lift which eradicates the need to manually raise the hood after each wash.

MEDIUM - For the medium size bakery

-Combi dishwasher WD-12S

Schools, restaurants, catering ​businesses, bakeries or the grocery trade; are just a few examples of where the WD-12S ​is the perfect solution. The size of the dishwasher and the ability to wash both normal dishes, plastic trays, baking trays and transport box​es ​is what makes the WD-12S so unique.

LARGE - For the large bakery

- Trolley dishwasher WD-18CW

Easily cleans the majority of trolleys and other large, bulky items. Consumes just 6-litres of fresh water per wash cycle. ​It has a very low consumption of electricity and chemicals. ​In comparison to manually cleaning ​of the trolleys ​which ​can use between 20-50 litres of hot water per trolley, plus detergent!

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