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Our patents with eco-labelling!

With consideration for the environment, man and our soil, Wexiödisk continuously improve their environmental improvement measures. We are fully aware that dishwashers are generally large consumers of energy and water, hence why we have developed several techniques such as ECO-FLOW, Duplus, and PRM

See our eco-labels on each of our product pages. These give you guidance on making the best environmental choice for your kitchen.

With or without granules 

WD-90 DUO is a machine that takes care of both fine and heavily-soiled dishes, with or without granules. The machine has an automatic hood and through-feed which promotes logistics as well as ergonomics and hygiene.

With the WD-90 DUO, you minimise heavy lifting and get a clean and dirty side in the washroom.

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Yes, it is possible to combine quality, environmental 

thinking and ergonomics...

Since being founded in 1972, our philosophy has been to work to a focus of quality and sustainability, making the environment the starting point for all we do, without, of course, forgoing ergonomics and a good working environment.


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