Sustainability is part of our DNA

Sustainability issues are, and have always been a priority area for Wexiödisk. Over the years, new products, solutions and applications have been developed to reduce the burden on the earth's resources. Let us give you some examples:

  • Pre-rinsing of dishware before the dishwashing process - By recycling the dishwasher's waste water and using it for controlled pre-rinsing, both water and energy are saved as well as labor.
  • Our washing and rinsing systems are optimised for the goods to be clean the first time.
  • The best way to achieve sustainability is to extend the product's life cycle. Our dishwashers consist of a high proportion of stainless steel and we make sure that spare parts are available for both new and old machines. We choose materials that are easy to recycle after the product has been phased out.
  • Washing when there is no dishware in place is neither good for the customer's finances nor the environment. We have developed features that eliminate empty dishwashing zones.