If you need a compact installation for potwashing, both with and without granules, WD-90GR Flex TOUCH is an excellent choice.

WD-90GR TOUCH is available in two versions, HC and Flex. HC (High Capacity) is the ideal choice for mostly washing pans and containers. Flex is a better choice for more varied dishwashing needs. WD-90GR has a rotating basket which enables both the water and the granules to reach every nook and cranny during the wash cycle, delivery excellent results. 

WD-90GR Flex and HC are equipped with a user-friendly digital WD-TOUCH-display, which guides you through the entire dishwashing process.


  • Steam reduction as standard
  • Short drying time with effective, energy-saving spin cycles
  • No pre-washing or scrubbing by hand thanks to a powerful wash with water and granules
  • 6 different washing programmes
  • Dishes can be stacked directly on the hinged door
  • The machine's control programme features HAACP monitoring 
  • The machine is equipped with a hinged door that opens fully to provide easy access to the back of the machine 
  • The machine allows for a compact installation
  • Easy servicing - can be performed from the front or the side


Shorter drying time and less steam

WD-90GR's spin cycles are unique to machines from Wexiödisk. Since the washing water is spun off before rinsing, the amount of rinsing water is minimised. Following the rinse cycle, the dishes are spun again which reduces the drying time.

Before the machine opens, the rear panel is cooled with cold water. This reduces the amount of steam, sparing you from being exposed to the heat from the steam when the door opens -  a small finesse to improve the dishwashing environment.







Tough on dishes, kind to nature

Clean dishes without compromising on the environment is the most important factor to us at Wexiödisk, and this even applies to potwashing. 

Granules are small, blue plastic balls. The washing tank is filled with them and during the course of the washing programme, circulate together with water and chemicals to remove food residue for dishes. The granules may seem small, but because they weigh more than water, they are also more powerful.








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