Wexiödisk was the first in the world to introduce dual final rinse system for hood dishwashers. This patented rinsing technology uses considerably less clean water than traditional final rinsing systems.

With the new DUPLUS technology, only 1-litre of fresh water is used per wash cycle - a remarkably small amount of water, yet guaranteeing perfect dishwashing results.

The low water consumption combined with extremely low consumption of chemicals and electricity, makes the WD-6 DUPLUS the perfect dishwasher choice for the modern commercial kitchen.

  • Double final rinse with DUPLUS technology.
  • Low water consumption with only 1-litre of fresh water per wash cycle.
  • ECO-FLOW (optional) heat recovery saves energy and allows dishes to dry extra quickly.
  • The hood is angled upwards at the rear so that the steam rises up the back of the machine instead of in the washroom.
  • The hood is opened and closed automatically (optional), which eliminates the risk of damage to the basket.
  • The wash arms are of a concave designed to prevent clogging.
  • High hygiene levels thanks to an automatic cleaning programme
  • Large waste tank and effective sieves to keep the wash water cleaner for longer
  • Service-friendly – the machine is entirely serviced from the front.


Only 1-litre of water per basket, with DUPLUS technology

Is it possible to clean dishes using just one litre of fresh water per wash basket? Yes it is, thanks to our patented DUPLUS technology, which minimises water consumption to virtually nothing!

The secret is to use water from the previous washing cycle during the first rinsing phase. During the second rinsing phase, 1-litre of fresh water at a temperature of 85 degrees. The rinsing water from the second phase is then collected for use in the next washing cycle.

For those who want to wash with minimal environmental impact, DUPLUS is a natural choice.

For optimal washroom logistics, use a pre-rinsing machine

Complement your WD-6 DUPLUS with a PRM-6 pre-rinsing machine – an optimal solution with minimal environmental impact.

Our unique PRM (Pre-Rinse Machine) efficiently pre-rinses with recycled water from the dishwasher, thus eradicating the need for a manual rinse. Not only will you save time, water and with a PRM, but you will avoid water splashes on the floor, therfore improving ergonomics. Our PRM rinse the wash, both from above and below, in an unbeatable way so that even the toughest food residues, such as oil and dressing, disappear.

DUPLUS technology

Brilliant and innovative DUPLUS technology saves water, chemicals and energy.

Wexiödisk was the first in the world to introduce dual final rinsing for hood washers. This technique means that the rinsing process uses considerably less clean water than traditional final rinsing systems. In fact, DUPLUS technology uses just 1-litre of fresh water per wash cycle to provide perfect dishwashing results.



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