PM & Vänner

Since the early 1990s, PM & Vänner has built up an impressive reputation. Through a Småland philosophy with forest, meadow and lake in focus, they have their top restaurants set Växjö on the gastronomic map both nationally and internationally.

With a PRM solution, you place dirty dishes directly in the wash basins without pre-rinsing the gun shower. You also do not have to wash directly. Through effective flushing, the PRM can also handle dried food residues, which means that the disk can wait. With the help of unloading and sorting benches, you get an efficient flow of dishware from dirty to clean side and you do not have slippery floors from the spray gun's water splash.

About 150 hours of work per year are saved in the kitchen and 35,000 monotonous movements disappear if you wash 100 baskets a day on average. All this time can be used for other important work in the kitchen.