Our reliable WD-6 hood dishwasher is suitable for small and medium sized dishwashing rooms. With a focus on the operator, there are several technical features that improve the working environment with the WD-6.

Our control system with built-in HACCP ensures that critical hygiene requirements are met. For printing of external report and connection to the network, an optional Web-Tool is available

  • ECO-FLOW heat recovery saves energy and allows dishes to dry quickly
  • The hood is angled upwards at the rear edge so that the steam rises up the back of the machine instead of in the washroom
  • The hood is opened and closed automatically (optional), which eliminates the risk of damage to the basket and its contents
  • The wash arms are of a concave design in order to prevent clogging
  • High levels of hygiene thanks to an automatic cleaning programme
  • Large waste tank and effective sieves keep the wash water cleaner for longer
  • Service-friendly – the machine is entirely serviced from the front


Limited space, great results

You can achieve a great dishwashing system in as little as 5sq metres with our space-savy PRM design solutions. This allows you to make the most of your washroom space whilst also remaining sustainable and environmentally friendly. With our PRM, making significant savings of water, energy and detergent without effecting the logistics of your washroom is simple.




PRM - by far the greatest savings!

Our unique PRM (Pre-Rinse Machine) efficiently rinses with recycled water from the dishwasher, thus eradicating the need for a manual rinse or hand-shower. Not only will you save time, energy and water with our PRM, but you will avoid water splashes on the floor, thus improve the working environment. Our PRM rinses the basket, both from above and below, in an unbeatable way so that even the toughest food residues, such as oil and dressing, simply disappear. This means that you can lower the washing time and use less chemicals. By using less chemicals, a gentler and clearer glass result is achieved.

See how easy warewashing can be when you combine the pre-rinse machine with a hood type dishwasher!

The water used in the PRM is recycled water from the water used in the dishwasher - A smart solution for saving both water and energy at the same time as reducing manual work and significantly improving the working environment.



Customer cases

Good hygiene and optimal washing results!

The robust stainless-steel construction of the WD-6 ensures machine longevity. This combined with the unit’s automatic hood lift and environmentally smart options, such as ECO-FLOW and a condensation unit, make the WD-6 ideal for small and medium sized restaurants.

By combining the WD-6 with a PRM-6, a kitchen is able to experience an efficient, environmentally friendly and ergonomic wash flow in comparison to a manual hand-shower.



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