The WD-8 is a robust and reliable dishwasher developed especially for washing baking trays, thermos boxes, transport containers and canteens. The WD-8 is a further expansion of our popular WD-6 and WD-7 dishwashers. Our new dishwasher retains the same great quality and functionality as previous machines and suits both small and medium-sized kitchens.

  • ECO-FLOW (optional) heat recovery saves energy and allows dishes to dry extra quickly.
  • The hood is angled upwards at the rear edge so that the steam rises up the back of the machine instead of in the washroom.
  • The hood is opened and closed automatically (optional), which eliminates the risk of damage to the basket.
  • Extra large washing compartment measuring a full 695mm in width
  • High levels of hygiene thanks to an automatic cleaning programme


Smart options

If you choose to add the foldable shelf option to your WD-8, you’ll gain a fully flexible machine that can wash several baking trays at the same time. Another useful option is the automatic hood lift which eradicates the need to manually raise the hood after each wash – your shoulders will thank you for using this option!

Smoother working environment

The WD-8 saves you both water and time as there is no need to wash large bowls or canteens by hand. Thanks to the larger washing compartment, which has a width of 695 millimeters and a height of 505 millimeters, in addition to the machine’s easily adjustable water pressure, users are able to wash both large and small goods. This makes the WD-8 a highly flexible combi-dishwasher that can be used for both normal dishwashing and potwashing.

Smarta tillval

Med tillvalet nedfällbart gallerplan får du en flexibel maskin där du bland annat kan diska flera bakplåtar samtidigt direkt i maskinen. Ett annat positivt tillval är den automatiska huvlyften som gör att du slipper lyfta upp huven manuellt efter varje disk, tacksamt – speciellt för dina axlar!

Customer cases


Swedish quality

A good working environment, good hygiene, easy service and optimal washing results are just some of the properties that make the WD-8 the most flexible dishwasher, in it's segment, on the market.

At BRÖD & SOVEL, Växjö, a WD-8 has recently been installed into its bakery. The unit is perfect for bulky baking trays and other baking specific items.




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