Carefully selected components at the best price

The purchasing department is responsible for purchasing relevant components for the dishwashers at the best price, quality and quantity. To do this, experts are required to find out which products are currently available on the market, to be responsive to product improvements, to follow up on deliveries and to monitor inventory. At Wexiödisk, we have three buyers . Monika Wintberg is one of them.

How does a normal working day look like?
I work with purchase of details for our dishwashers, ranging from nozzles to circuit boards but the emphasis is on electrical and electronic components. In addition to operational purchases, I work with contracts and warehouse management, among other things, and my tasks also include complaints and cooperation with product developers. I have been working with purchasing almost all my professional life and the last 11 years at Wexiödisk.
What is your background?
I attended a 4-year technical education in the electricity / telecommunications branch, and in the 90s I trained as a civil engineer in Industrial Economics at Linköping University of Technology.
What is the best thing about your work?
My work is very varied and I appreciate the combination of getting to work with both economics and technology. It is stimulating to have a lot of contact with people both internally and externally and because we are a tight organization, communication and decision paths are short.