Circular economy

Can you combine quality, environmental thinking and ergonomics? 

At Wexiödisk, the answer to that question is yes! We call it eco-design. Since being founded 1972, our philosophy has been to focus on quality and sustainability from an environmental perspective. Obviously without compromising on ergonomics and a good working environment.

We work from a circular economy, which means that the cycle is not linear but instead circular, where sustainable development comes into focus. Wexiödisk develops high quality products and selects each component with care. All to extend the lifecycle and save on Earth's resources. Our guiding star has, and continues to be that every dishwasher we develop should be more resource-efficient than the previous model.


  • Functional design in stainless steel, which gives durability and long life.
  • Service is usually done from the front of the machines. Access to components becomes easier and service is faster.
  • We think of man! Improving ergonomics, for example through Autostart with automatic opening closing of the hood, reduces wear damage and the washing process is greatly simplified.
  • Centrifugation: a resource-efficient way to dry the dishes.
  • Heat recovery ECO-FLOW that efficiently saves energy and improves the climate in the washroom.
  • We work continuously to find new solutions on how to further save water, energy and chemicals.

Everything we do plays its part.