Despite its internal dimensions, the design of the WD-12S is both elegant and compact. The hood has bevelled edges and the front of the machine has no joints. The sloping roof also helps to improve drying result, because the final rinse water runs down the front of the machine, rather than dripping onto the clean dishware.

The machine is simple to use and has a clear display. The hood closes with the simple press of a button and opens automatically when the machine has finished washing. It initially opens just a few centimetres, so that the steam inside can disappear out of the back of the machine. The hood opens fully after a few seconds, sparing users an unpleasant face full of steam.

You can also opt for the optional Autostart function, which will start the machine automatically when one or two washing baskets are placed on the basket conveyor.

Add the flexible basket conveyor, a pre-rinse machine and the energy saving heat recovery system ECO-FLOW and you will reach an efficient and environmental friendly washroom.

Thanks to our choice of pumps and the well-insulated design, the WD-12S is a quieter dishwasher with noise levels as low as 63 decibels.


Easy to use and to clean

WD-12S has an inside as free from joints as possible and with rounded corners to facilitate daily cleaning. Only a strainer and four wash arms to clean. The basket conveor folds up easily and increases accessibility when cleaning.

The main pipe with a lifetime guarantee

All components have been carefully chosen to minimise the consumption of water, electricity and chemicals. The wash arms have been designed to weigh as little as possible, giving a fantastic washing result with reduced water consumption and the main pipe comes with a lifetime guarantee!!

Wash normal wash and potwashing during the same wash cycle

The WD-12S is quite possibly our most flexible dishwasher ever. A simple lever enables you to switch between normal dishwashing and potwashing, and you can also choose both normal dishwashing and potwashing in the same wash cycle. The water pressure in the wash arms can be adjusted individually, which makes it possible to wash plates on the right and pans on the left, for example.

The support sections can be folded up individually, which means that you fold up the number of sections you need for the current dishes.

Designed for many different segments

Schools, bakeries, restaurants, catering, food industries or the grocery trade. These are just a few examples of where the WD-12S fits. The size of the dishwasher and the ability to wash both normal dishes, plastic trays and transport boxes make the WD-12S unique in its kind.

Save energy with ECO-FLOW

An ECO-FLOW option is available with the WD-12S, which is Wexiödisk's smart heat recovery system. The energy from the previous wash is reused to heat the water for the next wash. Because the steam from the previous washing process is reused, the dishes dry faster and the working environment in the dishwashing room is improved. The ECO-FLOW option can be added and installed retrospectively and is self-cleaning. 

The heating time in connection with refilling is short thanks to the Fast-fill function. It is possible to turn off the ECO-FLOW cycle manually to reduce the washing time if you temporarily need to increase your washing capacity.


A perfect wash room with PRM

The WD-12S gives you the option of connecting to our unique PRM pre-rinse machine, which pre-rinses the dishes and eliminates the need for manual rinsing. You can save time and water, avoid splashes of water on the floor and improve ergonomics. Reduce repetitive strain injuries by doing away with the monotonous movements associated with using a hand shower. The water used in the PRM pre-rinse machine is recycled water from the dishwasher. A smart solution that saves both water and energy. There is less need for chemicals because dried-on food residues have already been rinsed off the dishware.






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