The dockable rolling cart replaces fixed benches in the dishwashing area, providing the user with greater flexibility when scrubbing plates and larger pots before washing them in the heavy-duty dishwasher. 
Thanks to the trolley´s wheeled design, it is easy and convenient to both move cleaned items, perform daily cleaning of the dishwasher as well as cleaning of the dishwashing area.
It is easy to access items such washing detergent, which is often wall-mounted. Fixed benches can be an obstacle and reduce accessibility. 
During service visits, troubleshooting and component replacement are simplified. 

Thanks to the same height level between the trolley and the dishwasher the heavy lifting of wash items and basket is minimized. 

The trolley can be placed on either the left or right side of the dishwasher

Flexible drain solution

  • Fits WD-90 DUO and WD-90 GR.
  • Measures: 900 x 950 x (870 +/-40).
  • 209.7454