BIOLAT is used in pot dishwashing and is made from a biodegradable polymer. Through this environmentally neutral solution, we strive to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable work practices in the dishwashing area.

This more environmentally neutral replacement for the previously used GRANULATE, which was made from fossil materials, marks a step forward in our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact.

BIOLAT is specially designed for use in Wexiödisk's range of rough dishwashers, including the WD-90 DUO TOUCH, WD-100GR TOUCH, and WD-90 GR TOUCH. BIOLAT is added to the wash tank, and during the washing cycle, it circulates with water and chemicals to remove food residues from the dishes.

With BIOLAT, you achieve more efficient dishwashing, and the need to soak burnt pans and hard-to-clean pots and casseroles is minimized. BIOLAT is added to a container in the dishwasher, and as the dishes circulate in the machine, BIOLAT "blasts" the dishes, removing dried-on food residues. BIOLAT maintains the same high performance as the previous product made from fossil plastic, while reducing the ecological footprint by being recycled in a way that is less burdensome on our planet.


Our pot dishwashers have a higher water pressure, and the programs are slightly longer than with normal dishwashing. This means you don't need to soak the dishes in large tubs, which takes longer and complicates logistics. Additionally, the working environment improves since you avoid heavy lifting and wet floors.

The BIOLAT is packaged in a cardboard box with a handle (sorted as paper packaging) and is equipped with a spout that makes it easy to fill the granulate container in the dishwasher.





Lasagna dishes are an example of items that usually require soaking for a long time before washing or need to be scrubbed and washed by hand. However, with the help of BIOLAT, water, and chemicals, no pre-washing or soaking is necessary. The durable BIOLAT particles circulate in the washing space, "blasting" the items so that burnt-on food residues are removed.