With the environment in focus

Since we started in 1972 our philosophy has been to work with a focus on quality and sustainability and with the environment as a starting point. Without, of course, forgoing ergonomics and a good working environment.

Our vision is a circular economy, which means that the economic cycle is not linear but rather circular, with the focus on sustainable development. Wexiödisk develops high-quality products and carefully selects each component. All to help prolong a product’s life cycle and conserve natural resources. Our ethos has always been that every dishwasher we develop should be more resource-efficient than the previous model.

For us, a circular economy is:

  • A functional stainless steel design that delivers sustainability and a long service life.

  • Servicing is normally carried out from the front of the machine. Components can be accessed more easily, 
    making servicing quicker.

  • We think about the person! Improved ergonomics, e.g. through Autostart, with automatic opening and closing of the hood, reduces repetitive strain injuries and makes the washing process considerably easier. 

  • Our patented innovations, PRM, DUPLUS and ICS+ help you to reduce the environmental impact of your kitchen. 

  • All our dishwashers have the option of ECO-FLOW heat recovery, which effectively saves energy and improves the climate in the dishwashing room

  • We are continuously working to develop new solutions in order to save even more water and energy and further reduce the need for chemicals.