Specially composed service kits simplify and streamline work for our dealers and service firms

Wexiödisk has taken a significant step to simplify and streamline the work for dealers and service firms by providing specially composed service kits.

Our kits ensure that the right materials are always available in the service vehicle during service visits, greatly facilitating the work for those who run restaurants, bars, or large kitchens.

Staying ahead leads to fewer emergency stops, saving both time and money for your business, while keeping dishwashers in optimal condition through regular maintenance. This is an easy way for restaurants and bars to operate smoothly without unexpected and frustrating interruptions.

Wexiödisk's Danish dealers, Oluf Brønnum & Co A/S, who has used these service kits for many years, emphasizes the importance of always having these components on the shelf and in service vehicles, which has resulted in many satisfied customers.

Peter Götze, Technical Manager at Brønnum, Wexiödisk's Danish reseller, says:

"We have used Wexiödisk's service kits for many years, and they have been an invaluable asset in our work. By always having the right parts on hand, we can guarantee fast and efficient service, which our customers truly appreciate. This means we can minimize downtime and ensure that the dishwashers are always functioning as they should. Simply put, it's efficient and quick service for our customers."


Thomas Olsson, Service Manager at Wexiödisk, and Peter Götze, Technical Manager at Oluf Brønnum & Co A/S:


Wexiödisk offers around 20 different service kits, tailored for various types of dishwashers. These kits can be ordered and installed by dealers or service firms working with Wexiödisk.

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The service kits are designed to keep dishwashers in top condition through regular maintenance, where certain components are replaced at regular intervals. Additionally, Wexiödisk provides service kits that are recommended for use every three years, for a more comprehensive overhaul.

Thomas Olsson, Service Manager at Wexiödisk:

"By offering service kits for our machines, we aim to simplify and make the work smoother for our service firms around the world. This way of working contributes to a smoother and more reliable operation for everyone involved. It should simply be easy to work with Wexiödisk."