What are the main features and functionality of the glass dishwasher WD-4S?


The glass dishwasher range from Wexiödisk consists of 5 different models and sizes developed for different venues. The smallest of them is the WD-4S and suits any restaurant or bar where high quality is in focus.  


The smallest is the undercounter model WD-4S GLASS, which features three impressive expert wash programmes allows staff to tailor their wash according to the different types of glassware used. For example, there is a low temperature rinse that rapidly cools beer glasses so that they are immediately ready to use in busy bars, pubs and restaurants.


Low final rinse temperature (65 degrees) and a total wash time of 1.2 minutes

Normal final rinse temperature (85 degrees) and a total wash time of 1.2 minutes

Lower final rinse temperature (65 degrees) and increased amount of final rinse water, with a wash time of 2.2 minutes.



The tilted glass basket for spotlessly clean glasses

Along with various glassware specific technology, the WD-4S Glass boasts a tilted wash basket which avoids any smears or streaks caused by water running along the glass surface, leaves the glassware spotlessly clean every time.


A compact size to fit in bars and smaller wash rooms

The compact WD-4S slots perfectly into a standard undercounter with a footprint of 598 x 598 x 820 mm (WxLxH).  For further space savviness, the door of this model can be placed into a space-saving position making it easier for staff to walk through the bar area freely and safely.”


The heat recovery ECO-FLOW takes care of the steam

Wexiödisk’s optional ECO-FLOW heat recovery also boosts glass drying times another step further by cleverly recovering steam produced, into energy, for powering the next wash cycle. With ECO-FLOW, glasses are dryer, less energy is used, and a less-steamy working environment is guaranteed.

Choose ECO-FLOW to save energy and improve the working environment. 

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