Wexiödisk's reliable glass dishwasher WD-7 DUPLUS GLASS is designed to wash glassware with a perfect washing result. In many washrooms, a lot of time is spent on drying and polishing glassware by hand in order to ensure perfectly clean results. When drying and polishing vast quantities of glassware by hand, this can become a monstrously time-consuming task.

Glass models WD-6 and WD-7 are equipped with the new Glasstilt, which causes the wash basket to angle during the final rinse cycle, allowing water to run off the outside surface of each glass and dry. This system allows glassware to dry in an optimal position with less manual hand drying, thus reducing the risk of fingerprints and smears whilst improving hygiene.

  • During start up the dishwasher is filled up with hot water and during the washing cycles   cold water/RO-water is used
  • ECO-FLOW heat recovery saves energy and allows dishes to dry quickly (option)
  • The hood is angled upwards at the rear edge so that the steam rises up the back of the machine instead of in the washroom
  • DUPLUS-technology for minimized water consumption
  • The hood is opened and closed automatically (optional), which eliminates the risk of damage to the basket and its contents
  • The wash arms are of a concave design in order to prevent clogging
  • High levels of hygiene thanks to an automatic cleaning program
  • Large waste tank and effective sieves keep the wash water cleaner for longer
  • Service-friendly – the machine is entirely serviced from the front


Clean glasses with less work

Wexiödisk is launching a brand-new range of glass dishwashers which have specifically been designed for washing glassware. Containing machines in different sizes, the new glass series is ideal for high-end bars and restaurants. With a Wexiödisk glass dishwasher, operators can achieve sparkling glassware results without wasting time.

The glass dishwasher series consists of the undercounter dishwasher WD-4 GLASS and the hood type dishwashers WD-6 GLASS, WD-7 GLASS , WD-6 DUPLUS GLASS and WD-7 DUPLUS GLASS


Washing. Final rinse. End of wash cycle.

The lenght of the wash cycle depends on the selected wash program. (beer- wine- or standard glasses)

During the final rinse the basket and glasses are tilted at an angle. This allows water to run off the outer surface of each glass.

When the hood opens, glasses are dryer meaning less time is required to polish by hand. 

Separate the fragile glasses

With a smart layout of the dishwashing area and the help of turn tracks and roller tables, which can be adjusted in length, customized dishwashing areas can be created. Below, you can find an example of a customized dishwashing solution. Here, a glass dishwasher takes care of delicate wine glasses. All other crockery and dishes are sent through a pre-rinse machine before entering the rack conveyor dishwasher.

Double water connections

Our range of glass dishwashers (WD-6 and WD-7) has dual water connections, one for cold and one for hot water. When starting the machine the tank is filled with hot water and during the washing cycles cold water is used. On the cold water pipe, an RO unit can be connected to deionise the water.  By rinsing with deionized water the washing result is improved and the glasses become sparkling clean. Depending on how hard the water is in your area, different types of RO filters may be required with your dishwasher, hence why Wexiödisk recommend carrying out a water analysis. We also recommend contacting a local supplier of water purification equipment to ensure the very best washing results.

Clear display – for different type of glass ware

Wexiodisk’s glass dishwashers feature a selection of programs for specific types of glassware. For example, when washing standard glasses, the final rinse temperature is set at 85 degrees in order to ensure the very best hygiene standards. Beer and wine glasses, on the other hand, are set to 65 degrees. For the delicate wine glasses a greater amount of water is used in the final rinse

Customer cases

Fine dining with sparkling clean glasses

Founded in the early 60's Kippers Restaurant is a 16th century cellar vault restaurant which boasts a fun and social atmosphere.
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