Kippers Källare

Published 9 October 2019

Once a boisterous and energetic young student, Kipper’s current restaurant owner, Per Ljungberg, quickly learnt just how tough the restaurant environment is during his school life – an experience that today, he is grateful for having motivated him to develop one of Kristianstad’s restaurant treasures. 
– Customers from across the world visit Kipper’s to try traditional Swedish dishes with a modern new twist.  As well as being able to dine in the cellar vault, customers can also drink and dine in the banquet hall, in the clubhouse and in the outdoor area of Kipper’s. Private events such as weddings and wine tastings can also be arranged,” says Per 



What first began as a complaint has turned into a brilliant collaboration. Wexiödisk has been testing the new glass dishwasher in Kipper’s restaurant for some time.
In the wash basket the glasses are angles in such a way that the water which remains on the foot of the glass is minimised and does not run along the glass surface. This leaves your glassware spotlessly clean every time. 

– Our Wexiödisk glassdishwasher saves us significant time which was before curated from drying glassware by hand. Our glasswasher also reduces the amount of contact that our staff have with the glassware which improves the hygiene. It is much better that the staff takes care of the customers instead of polishing the glasses, says Per.

Per is currently working on streamlining logistics in the washroom by investing in a sorting unit, pre-rinse machine (PRM) and a hood type dishwasher with a condensing unit. These will not only help Kipper’s improve their  warewashing flow, also allow time, energy and money to be saved in the long run .

– Our collaboration with Wexiödisk has been incredibly rewarding, concludes Per.