Ensure crystal-clear glassware with Wexiödisk WD-RO150 water purifying unit. The advanced system minimízes spots on washed glasses by purifying water from minerals and salts. This means that the time-consuming task of polishing the glasses after washing disappears while also reducing the consumption of dishwashing and drying agents.

The WD-RO150 unit connects to a glassware dishwasher, such as an undercounter dishwasher WD-4S or a hood type glasswasher, WD-6 GLASS or WD-7 GLASS. The WD-RO150 water purifying system is suitable for environments such as bars, restaurants, and cafes.


  • No manual glass polishing required
  • Customized for Wexiödisk glass dishwashers
  • Prolonged lifetime on your dishwasher
  • Less consumption of detergent and drying agent
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Direct flow
  • Smart Device indicator and programing
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long life cartridge and membrane


Wexiödisks WD-RO150 water purification unit provides crystal-clear glasses and saves time and money.

The easy installation of WD-RO150 frees up time for staff in the bar. Glasses dry quickly, allowing you to serve beer, wine, or water immediately without the otherwise time-consuming and tedious task of polishing glasses from lime and minerals.

At the same time, the consumption of dishwashing and drying agents is also reduced.