Wexiödisk's unique basket feed system allows operators to adjust their contact time and the capacity depending on how heavily soiled the dishware is.


Effective sound and heat insulation helps to provide a good working environment in the dishwashing room. While all servicing work is carried out from the front of the machine, making access to components easier and service faster.

  • Stainless steel wash arms 
  • Removable doors for simple cleaning
  • Clear control panel
  • Large, efficient filters and filter baskets that are easy to access and can be emptied very easily.
  • Improved hygiene with vertical self-emptying wash and rinse pumps
  • Efficient heat recovery with ECO-FLOW
  • Custom accessories such as loading units, roller tables and turn tracks. 
  • Unique basket feed system which allows operators to adjust their contact time and capacity depending on how heavily soiled the dishware is.
  • Several models are available with a capacity of bettwen 70 - 250 baskets per hour.


A smarter dishwashing room

Regardless of your dishwashing needs or room layout, we can help you find a solution that makes the most of the space you have. Our wash room solutions can be installed in a number of different ways, including straight or angled.

Better working environment with PRM

Our unique PRM pre-rinse machine rinses dishes efficiently and replaces manual rinsing with an over-head sprayer. You save time and water, avoid wet floors and splashes, and reduce repetitive strain injuries due to monotonous movements. Even bowls that are placed face down are rinsed effectively. This enables the washing time to be reduced and requires less detergent.

New smart features 

Less dirty dishes usually do not need to be pre-washed. By placing dishes in a special washing basket which the machine automatically detects, the basket can then be transported through the machine without pre-rinsing being activated, thus preventing unnecessary use of water and energy.

Separate the fragile glasses

With a smart layout of the dishwashing area and the help of turn tracks and roller tables, which can be adjusted in length, customized dishwashing areas can be created. Below, you can find an example of a customized dishwashing solution. Here, a glass dishwasher takes care of delicate wine glasses. All other crockery and dishes are sent through a pre-rinse machine before entering the rack conveyor dishwasher.

Safe and informative with WD-Touch

OPTIFLOW has an easy-to-use display, WD-Touch, which guides you through the entire dishwashing process. The display is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate between the different functions. Language support for local languages.

The control system also includes built-in guides that facilitate daily cleaning, maintenance, and repair. The display also works when the user wears disposable gloves, which is important from a hygiene perspective.

Customer cases


Top class in Melbourne

"It is not just the products that are of the highest class, but also the level of service, aftercare and staff training"

Mark Normoyle, RACV Club Chef and Quality Manager


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Smart features

Click on the blue dots to experience the features of WD-TOUCH

Strainers in stainless steel

The strainers are easy to clean and empty. Easy to emply from the front side of the PRE-RINSE machine. Can also be done during operation.

Wash arms

The wash arms can easily be removed with a locking function for cleaning purposes. No tools are needed. Moreover, the wash arms are designed in the same way for quick reassembly.


The strainers in the dishwasher are easy to empty and to clean. 

The daily cleaning

Ergonomic design which makes the cleaning easy.



Rounded and ergonomic design of the handles on the machine doors. Easy to clean!

The doors

The doors are well-balanced and open upwards with the help of the ergonomic handle.

PRE-RINSE machine

The daily cleaning of PRE-RINSE is easy.  A cleaning pistol for inside cleaning is included in the delivery when you purchase a PRE-RINSE 60 or 90,


The WD-Touch display is clear and guides you through the entire washing process and ensures the wash temperature.


Easy to navigate between the various functions. WD-TOUCH even supports local languages. 

Save time with universal curtains

The curtains are all the same size and therefore do not need to be repositioned in exactly the same place after cleaning.