Our unique PRM pre-rinse machine rinses dishes efficiently and replaces manual rinsing with an overhead sprayer. You save time and water, avoid wet floors and splashes, and reduce repetitive strain injuries due to monotonous movements. Even bowls placed face down are rinsed effectively. This enables the washing time to be reduced and requires less detergent. The effective rinsing of the pre-rinse machine means that the washing water in the dishwasher is kept cleaner, which reduces the consumption of water, energy and chemicals. 

The water used in the PRM pre-rinse machine is recycled water from the dishwasher. The savings in water and energy increase and, what's more, the working environment is impoved, which is an important aspect. 

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PRE-RINSE reuses the water from the dishwasher

The efficient rinsing in the PRE-RINSE machine ensures that the water in the dishwasher remains cleaner, reducing water, energy, and chemical consumption.

The water used in the PRE-RINSE is recycled water from the dishwasher. The savings in water and energy increase, and the improvement in the working environment is equally important.




Det ska vara enkelt att göra den dagliga rengöringen.

Den dagliga rengöringen av PRE-RINSE är enkel. Silen är utdragbar och töms från utsidan av maskinen. Luckorna är löstagbara och enkla att rengöra. För att rengöra insidan används ett spolmunstycke, som ingår i leveransen när du köper en PRE-RINSE 60 eller 90.

Automatisk renspolning finns som tillval. 




Very easy to do the daily cleaning 

The daily cleaning of PRE-RINSE is easy. The strainer is removeable and can be emptied from the outside of the machine. The doors are detachable and easy to clean. A cleaning pistol, which is included in the delivery when you purchase a PRE-RINSE 60 or 90, is used to clean the inside.

Automatic self cleaning function is available as an option.






Stäng av förspolningen när du inte behöver den

Mindre smutsigt diskgods, som glas och brickor, behöver oftast inte förspolas. Genom att placera den typen av gods i en särskild diskkorg känner PRE-RINSE-maskinen av det och korgen transporteras igenom utan att förspolningen aktiveras. På så sätt används inte vatten och energi i onödan.

Funktionen fungerar endast med Nordien diskkorg i kombination med förhöjningsram och används till glas, bestick, brickor eller annat mindre smutsigt diskgods.





Temporary deactivation of the


Less soiled dishware, such as glasses and trays, doesn´t usually need pre-rinsing. By placing such items in a special washing basket, the machine can sense this and the basket is transported through the machine without activating pre-prinsing. This avoids using water and energy unnecessarily. 

The function stops the pump to avoid using dirty water on less dirty dishes. 
The function only works with Nordien washing baskets in combination with a heightening frame and is used for glassware, cutlery or other less dirty items.  




Customer cases

"With several smart features,
we save time and money."

Kari Vahtera is the department manager of Food & Beverage at Region Kronoberg, a job that daily involves responsibility for ensuring that patients at two hospitals in the region receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Read more about his priorities when choosing a new dishwasher. 



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