Melbourne Australia

For more than a hundred years, the Royal Automobile Club in the state of Victoria in Australia has offered its members high-quality facilities and first-class service. The high quality is evident in the kitchen of the RACV Club in Melbourne, where everything from fast food to fine dining dishes is put up on the plate quickly and with precision.


In the heart of Melbourne, the RACV Club offers a huge range of exclusive deals. The club accommodates both accommodation, restaurant, lifestyle and entertainment facilities. There is much to take part of here - and the combination of meeting rooms and recreation areas requires the backing of several kitchens that are distributed on the four floors.

From winning to food

A favorite destination for club members on a daily basis is the famous Le Petit Gâteau pastry shop, where award-winning confectioner Pierrick Boyer and his team create pastries that water it in their mouths. The same can be said about the club's famous restaurant, Member's Dining Room, which is a place where it is buzzing with activity. At the club there is also a combined bistro and coffee lounge, a gallery lounge, wine bars, a wine cellar and a farm café. Quality manager for the entire business is chef Normoyle.

In the kitchen 

Mark, who has worked at the club for 15 years, knows all the high demands and small details of the business. He controls up to 2,000 servings a day and up to 45 functions a week. To help deliver a seamless service, he has a kitchen team with 80 employees. Mark also relies on the high-quality technical kitchen equipment. The close working relationship with Wexiödisk and Moffat over the years has meant that he has always felt safe in his decisions to buy new disk equipment from the company.

- I have always had a very good relationship with Wexiödisk and Moffat. Not only their products are of the highest class. This also applies to their service, after-sales service and staff training, says Mark.
The purchase of the advanced tunnel disc from Wexiödisk and a pots and pans dishwashing unit has also helped the club meet its important efficiency goals.


Thinking of the environment

- One of the reasons we chose the tunnel dishwasher from Wexiödisk is that we want to be as sustainable as possible, says Mark. That the dishwasher uses recycled water from the wash tank for the first wash of the dish is a big plus and this allows us to save about 10 to 15 liters of water per wash.
- The dishwasher also reduces manual work because the operator does not have to stack the plates. Now the waiters can scrape clean the plates and place them instead, which eliminates a step in the process.
- Our philosophy is very simple. Whether it's a bowl of $ 2 chips or a $ 60 steak, it's got to be top notch, Mark says.