WD-18CW is suitable for many different types of dishware. The machine can easily clean the majority of trolleys and other large, bulky items.


The machine needs a minimum floor space of 4.5mand can be equipped either one door, for a compact solution, or a pass-through model for optimum logistics in the washing room.


  • High capacity for high demands.
  • Low operating cost - minimal energy and water consumption. Only 6-litres of water per cycle and drying without heat.
  • WD-18CW is available in a model for optimal logistics and hygiene.
  • Perfect washing and drying results.
  • Easy handling - One person can easily operate the machine.



Low operating cost 
- only 6-litres of water per cycle

Through many years of development work, we have achieved a balance of the highest machine performance and minimal environmental impact. WD-18CW trolley washer consumes just 6-litres of fresh water per wash cycle, which results in a very low consumption of electricity and chemicals. Compare that with the manual cleaning of trolleys - which uses between 20-50 litres of hot water per trolley, plus detergent! 


Long service life and a better working enviroment 

Many years ago, a WD-18CW trolley washer was installed at Växjö Lasarett. Since then, the machine has been used several times a day, year-after-year, and is still as reliable and stable as it was upon installation. This is thanks to the unit's robust and reliable stainless steel design with components that guarantee a durable and reliable operation for many years.

No heated air enters the dishwashing room during the drying process, which gives much better working environment at the same time as lowering ventilation requirements. The machine also has a very low noise level.

Easy operation

One person can easily handle the machine. As the doors operate automatically it is easy to load and unload the machine. Just push the button to start washing. The machine's display shows the progress of the washing cycle.

Thanks to unique centrifugation technology, an excellent washing and drying result can be achieved in a very short time. 

High capacity


The high capacity of the WD-18CW means it can perform up to 40 wash cycles per hour. There are three different washing programs - the shortest one is just 95 seconds. The machine compartment is spacious meaning several trolleys can be washed at the same time. The standard compartment dimensions are 1070 x 1030mm with a height of either 1820 or 2020mm.

Customised machines

The machine is supplied as standard with fittings suitable for items of varying shapes and sizes. Items that fit within a circle of 1,600mm (diameter) can likely be washed. We also offer bespoke design for customers using items with different dimensions.

Customer cases

Hygienically clean trolleys

LVR-Klinik Bonn recently invested in not one, but three Wexiödisk trolley washers (WD-18CW) to replace their existing models. 

Read about how the LVR Klinik in Bonn saves energy, money and labour.


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