With several smart features, we save time and money

Kari Vahtera is the head of the Food and Restaurant Department at Region Kronoberg, a job that daily entails responsibility for providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to patients at two hospitals in the region. This corresponds to 2,000 meals per day. In addition, there is a staff restaurant that serves 300 meals daily.


The new rack conveyor dishwasher was installed a few months ago and has the new features WD-TOUCH and OPTIFLOW.


What were the important factors in choosing the new dishwasher?

Of course, getting the dishes clean, but that is almost considered a given today with a new dishwasher. Another thing was to control the energy consumption and keep track of the costs. With this new dishwasher with OPTIFLOW, we save a lot of water, electricity, and chemicals.

Since several staff members should be able to use the dishwasher, it is also important that it is easy to use. No one should need specialized training to handle the tasks in the dishwashing room. The new touch display is self-instructive and available in several languages if needed.

With the OPTIFLOW function, other benefits also follow, such as lower noise levels in the dishwashing room since the dishwasher stops automatically when there are no baskets being loaded. Better working environment and a significant water saving.