Yearly maintenance

A yearly check of your dishwasher minimise
unnecessary downtime 

Environment, ergonomics and, above all, economics are the focus of most restaurants, hotels and bars today. We know that dishwashers are the machines that typically use most of the water, energy and chemicals within the commercial kitchen. At Wexiödisk, we have the ambition that each newly developed machine will consume less than the former and that all delivered machines should be well serviced for the best economy and reliability. We design our machines for the least possible maintenance needs, but in order to obtain the best economy and ergonomics, the machine's wear details need to be reviewed every year.

Wexiödisk and our authorised warranty service companies can offer annual maintenance. You can find your nearest Warranty Service Company here: FIND SERVICE PROVIDER

If are unable to find someone local to you, contact us at Wexiödisk at