What to consider when choosing new dishwashing equipment.

Is your kitchen's dishwashing area financially smart and environmentally conscious?

Make sure you consider these three key factors when investing in new equipment for your pub, restaurant, school, or hospital.


1. Ergonomics: Optimize workflow and prioritize your staff's well-being with ergonomic solutions. Wexiödisk's features like Automatic Hood-lift and Auto-start eliminate injuries and enhance efficiency.

Read more about our hood type dishwashers WD-6, WD-7, WD-8.

PM & Vänner, a Michelin star restaurant is using the most energy and cost efficient solution in their wash area, the DUPLUS concept. Read about the installation.

2. Consumption: Calculate energy costs and payback time for equipment. For example our heat recovery system, ECO-FLOW, not only reduces energy costs but also enhances the working environment by ventilating the room.

Wexiödisk dishwashers boast features that save water, energy, and detergents, making us a very good choice. Check our calculation tool here!

3. Quality Products: Invest in long-lasting products with readily available spare parts and service.

We can supply spareparts for many years ahead, an important factor when investing in your new equipment.

All our production is MADE IN SWEDEN