Wexiödisk delivers state-of-the-art flight type dishwasher to Jinan Catering Airline in China

Wexiödisk and Diskomat are leading providers of industrial dishwashing solutions, and are pleased to announce the order of a specifically configured inflight catering solution to Jinan Catering Airline in China.


The order consists of three machines with specific features to meet the high demands from Jinan Catering Airline. 


This collaboration with the distributor Diskomat underscores Wexiödisk's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of its global clientele.


The WD-B1000 is engineered to handle the rigorous demands of large-scale airline kitchens, efficiently washing glassware, plates, and cutlery.

Its impressive specifications, including the extra width for heightened capacity, make it a standout solution for high-throughput operations.


Joakim Fransson at Wexiödisk is doing the final tests before the shipping to Jinan in China takes place. 


Read more about how the Swedish companies Wexiödisk and Diskomat combine their expertise with tailored solutions for dishwashing operations.

The successful cooperation is based on many years of experience in both inflight and hospital catering, two industries with strict demands for efficiency, cleanliness, hygiene, and food safety.


In addition to the WD-B1000, Wexiödisk is delivering a suite of dishwashing solutions to Jinan Catering Airline. This includes the WD-40BRE tray dishwasher and the heavy-duty "pot dishwasher" WD-B800, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse dishwashing needs.


Per-Anders Johansson, Area Sales Manager at Wexiödisk, expressed enthusiasm about the delivery, stating:


" Together with our dealer Diskomat we are excited to contribute to the operational efficiency of Jinan Catering Airline with our advanced dishwashing technology. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of high-capacity kitchens, and we look forward to supporting Jinan Catering Airline in the future."