Tray dishwashers are efficient and time-saving for staff in the kitchen and can be connected to an automatic tray handling system.

Tray dishwasher WD-40BRE consists of a pre-rinse zone, chemical wash zone, final rinse zone and an efficient drying zone. The smart feed system in combination with the trays being washed standing up provides high capacity and optimal utilisation of the washing and drying functions.


  • ECO-FLOW heat recovery provides low energy consumption.
  • The machine have sound and thermal insulation. 
  • The large, well-balanced sliding doors make the inside of the machine easy to clean.
  • The machine is user friendly and has a long service life. 
  • The tray dishwasher is very easy to service. All the machine's components are easily accessible and all servicing work is carried out from the front of the machine.
  • The HACCP function in the electronic control system monitors the washing process. 



Efficient tray handling

Tray handling can take place in several ways; manual loading and unloading, or, to achieve an efficient and ergonomic way of working, by automating the tray handling. By connecting the dishwasher to a tray handling system, manual work is reduced.

The patented loading system, together with the fact that the trays are washed in an upright position, gives the machine a large capacity and ensures that the washing and drying functions are highly efficient.

1,200 trays/hour
Max. tray size: 580x530mm


Smart functions

WD-40BRE is equipped with smart functions such as heat recovery which means low energy consumption. Using a heat recovery device, ECO-FLOW, located above the machine, the energy is transformed from the steam to the incoming cold water.

The tray dishwasher is also both sound and heat insulated which provides a much better working environment in the dishwashing room.


Customer cases

A good investment

Tray washing machines are highly efficient and save significant time for kitchen staff. The text display panel shows the ongoing wash cycle whilst the control system, with integrated HACCP function, monitors all the critical control points.