The new WD-B S-range flight type dishwasher is suitable for large catering kitchens such as kitchens, hospitals and other high-capacity sites. Developed with technology that provides the lowest possible operating costs and highest reliability.

Wexiödisk’s flight type dishwasher S-range is available in five different models with or without the unique pre-rinse PRM. Thanks to the range of models, you can easily find the best solution for all your dishwashing requirements. Choosing a machine with or without our PRM will help to achieve the most logistically efficient solution. 

  • ECO-FLOW - double heat recovery, ensures the right temperature in the pre-wash.
  • Clean Rinse-function, perfect rinsing result, with lower water consumption.
  • Ergonomic, the work surfaces are in level with the conveyor, which makes it very easy to load and unload washing baskets without any heavy lifting.
  • Large dishwashing zones as standard.
  • Sensor-controlled automation.
  • Large final rinse zone.
  • Double final rinse system.
  • Double heat recovery.


The WD-Touch control panel 

The WD-Touch control panel simplifies the daily operation, resulting in higher efficiency 
with less downtime. The control panel guides you through the entire washing process. The control system has a clear touch screen and a simple, intuitive interface. The icons are straight-forward to understand and it is easy to navigate between the different functions. 

The display simplifies the dishwashing experience for the user and saves time that was previously spent on tasks such as repairs, cleaning and servicing. The control system also includes built-in user manuals. The touch screen can also be operated with gloves which is important from a hygienic perspective. 

Efficient handling

The wide sides of the flight type machine act as draining surfaces and facilitate loading and unloading work. It is a simple matter to stack items such as plates and trays before they are taken elsewhere. One or two people can work on either side of the loading and unloading for optimal flexibility. 


Customization is our standard

Wexiödisk customises solutions for each  individual installation to ensure the best work-flow in the wash area. 

The machine is available in a wider size which means the passing width increases from 677 mm to 811mm. This not only increases the capacity but also allows the user to wash larger items. 

The standard pass-through height is 450 mm. However, the height can be increased with 100 mm which gives a pass-through height of 550 mm. An additional 60 mm is available when calculating from the bottom of the conveyor belt. 

Hygienic and easy to clean

Wexiodisk places a lot of emphasis on providing an ergonomic and hygienic working environment for the user. Some examples of this include doors with flat backsides which are easy to clean. Wash arms can be easily removed and cleaned and the infeed/outfeed strainers can be removed to empty any residues. All of these parts can be easily removed for daily cleaning and can be done by hand without 
using any tools.

Large range of conveyors enhances flexibility

The S-range conveyors have strong fingers, stainless steel shafts and conveyor links, which extends the service life. The design of the conveyors keeps the items secure as they pass through the machine. 

The picture shows  the tandard conveyor belt with recessed fingers intended for shallow or deep plates, ”coffee-break” crockery and trays. Also suitable for baskets. 


Choose PRM for perfect logistics

Thanks to the pre-rinse unit, all larger residues are removed and collected by the strainers. The strainers can also be easily cleaned while the machine is operating. Improving the logistics and cut down the manual handling that normally is needed. The models that include the PRM unit are 550, 650, 750, 850, 950

Customer cases

"In terms of water consumption, we now realize a saving of 30% and I notice that we also need considerably less dishwasher detergent"

Arch Prins, Facility Business Manager Bovenij Hospital

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Smart features

Discover our flight type dishwasher WD-BS


Good range and no unnecessary lifting for the staff.


Removable strainers make it easy to collect residues from the wash ware.

WD-Touch control panel

Simplifies the daily operation resulting in higher efficiency with less downtime.

Easy to clean

The daily cleaning is easy thanks to doors with flat backsides.

Easy handling

Easy to clean the wash arms.

Hygienic and efficient 

The doors are quick and easy to remove and clean.

User friendly

The curtains are all the same size which means there is no risk of mixing them up after cleaning.


Ergonomic and easy handling of the goods


Easy to load and unload without heavy lifting thanks to the alignment between the sides and the flat top of the conveyor.