OPTIFLOW rack conveyor in combination with a Glass dishwasher for an efficient dishwashing

Innovative glass washing solutions by combining an OPTIFLOW rack conveyor system and adding a glass washing station 

At Wexiödisk, we offer cutting-edge glasswashing solutions designed to meet the challenges faced by commercial establishments. Our machines are engineered for rapid wash cycles, allowing businesses to handle high volumes of dishware with minimal downtime. This ensures smooth operations even during peak hours.


We prioritize sustainability by incorporating energy-saving features into our dishwashing systems. From intelligent water usage to eco-friendly energy options, our solutions help reduce consumption costs and environmental footprint.


Our advanced technology ensures sustainable success with less usage of water, energy and detergent:

  • Energy efficiency thanks to smart features of the OPTIFLOW rack conveyor dishwasher
  • Efficient for the staff when using a PRE-RINSE instead of manual rinsing before the dishwashing
  • Spotless glass washing results when the fragile glasses are washed separately


Separate the delicate glasses from other dishes

By segregating glasses from other dishes, this new setup enables efficient sorting and washing. Consequently, staff members are relieved from the task of manually polishing and drying glasses, allowing them to focus on other responsibilities.

From the sorting unit, the dishes are sorted into separate baskets based on their type. On the left side of the image, the delicate glasses are placed and then moved to the glass dishwasher area. On the right side, plates, cutlery, and bowls are loaded onto the rack conveyor dishwasher. This setup allows glasses to be washed simultaneously without being affected by any grease or oil from the plates, etc. 

The WD-6 GLASS features a tilt function, where the wash basket tilts during the final rinse. This innovative design facilitates the drainage of water from the glasses, resulting in significantly drier glassware at the end of the washing cycle.


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Tailored consultation and support

We provide personalized consultation and support to our clients. Our dealer network worldwide recommend customized solutions. 

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