– Unique with a washing time up to 25 minutes, two intermediate rinses  and one final rinse


WD-8 PPE industry fire department equipment washer


WD-8 PPE is a reliable hood washer suitable for small and medium sized washing areas. These machines focus on the user, with several technical features that make for a better working environment.  


With WD-8 you get ease of use, excellent ergonomics, high levels of hygiene, easy servicing and, last but not least, optimum washing results. Three different baskets are included in the delivery and with a easy movement you change the water pressure between heavy and normal soiled PPE-items. It is an advantage to separate the masks and tubes when washing.

The WD-8 washer has a robust design in stainless steel with components that guarantee a durable and reliable operation for many years. The double-skinned hood saves energy and gives better sound insulation. The working environment is improved through the unique hood concept where the hood is angled upwards at the back so that the steam discharges at the back of 
the machine rather than out into the room.
High levels of hygiene is achieved through the automatic cleaning program and guaranteed rinse temperature. The WD-8 is also equipped with an extra deep tank which protects against foaming and the selfdrained wash pump and washer arms ensure a perfect washing result. The inbuilt  dosing pump togheter with the easy servicing are other unique advantages. 

The panel placed on the left side
Detergent pump for liquid detergent 

3 programmes, adjustable up to 25 minutes washing time with 2 intermediate rinses and 1 final rinse. The wash and rinse times and temperatures for all programmes are adjustable. (max 25 min washing time)

1 fire fighting pack (in stainless steel basket). Masks and smaller 
PPE-items (in plastic basket and 8-compartment basket)