WD-6C has electromechanical control system while the WD-6 is an electronic variant with three programs.

The WD-6C is easy to handle and has a robust construction with electromechanical control for restaurant environments.

With a focus on the user, the WD-6C has a number of technical solutions that improve the working environment in the dishwashing room. For example, when the hood is opened, it is tilted forward so that the steam rises upwards, behind the machine, and not in the face of the user.

In order to achieve optimal washing result and good hygiene, the wash arms are emptied of washing water before final rinse starts. Then, when the dishwashing program is finished, the clean load can be removed from the machine without any remaining washing water dripping onto the clean items.

Efficient strainers allow for long wash cycles without the water being changed.

Wexiödisk's machines are very service-friendly with all components easily accessible from the front.