The WD-4S is a smart choice if you are looking for a reliable and efficient undercounter dishwasher. The Swedish design, characterised by quality, functionality and clean lines is evident in every detail, meaning there's no need to hide the WD-4S away.

  • Clean, simple and functional design in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel side plates are included, enabling the WD-4S to be completely freestanding.
  • Able to wash up to 50 baskets per hour, i.e. 1,000 glasses, 900 plates or 450 trays.
  • ECO-FLOW heat recovery saves energy and reduces drying time
  • Lifetime guarantee for the main hose
  • Self-explanatory, angled touch display in tempered glass which even works if you are wearing gloves or have wet hands.
  • Unique wash arms are designed to clean efficiently clean crockery, cutlery and glassware.


Simple, robust and stylish design 

The simple, robust and stylish design of the WD-4S is striking, and as always, are important features for Wexiödisk. The design allows the dishwasher to be visibly placed in the bar area or in an open kitchen. WD-4S is easy to handle and is made of stainless-steel components. The machine is robust to ensure a long service life.

High-quality Swedish design and functionality

The WD-4S dishwasher is designed to function optimally in as many kitchens as possible - you can even install this dishwasher into a bar or café! 

The sleek design  with smooth, rounded corners improves ergonomics and allows for cleaner results. Furthermore, the door of the WD-4S can be placed in a hygienic position that prevents the growth of bacteria when the machine is not in use.


Which model works for you?

Glass or Basic?


In addition to our BASIC WD-4S machine , we also offer a GLASS model which is  specially designed for washing glassware. With this model, the glasses are tilted in the open washing basket in such a way that less water collects at the base of the glass, meaning no puddling occurs on the surface. The water jets reach all parts of the glass and drying results are improved.

WD-4S GLASS also features three specific glass washing programmes, meaning the washing time and water quantity are adapted to suit different glass types. For example, there is a low temperature rinse that rapidly cools beer glasses to allow for immediate use in a busy venue.

Choose ECO-FLOW to save energy and improve the working environment.

WD-4S open hatch

Cabinet floor stand for WD-4S

Supplement your WD-4S with a floor stand cabinet for storing baskets, detergent etc. The dishwasher gets a good working height when it is not installed in the bar counter.

More info here.

Customer cases



The bar dishwasher that makes work easier!

Many years ago, Izakaya Moshi, Växjö, invested in a new undercounter dishwasher - the WD-4S 

"Since using the WD-4S, we have been able to improve the dishwashing flow behind the bar" says Sandra.


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