The flexible dishwasher for food distribution and more

The perfect choice is the flexible combi-dishwasher which can be installed in medium sized kitchens, bakeries, grocery stores and preferably to the food distribution segment. 

The combi-dishwasher WD-8  features a unique and highly flexible washing system that allows the operators to adjust and reset the water pressure quickly and easily between normal and potwashing. 


Enabling settings to change between normal wash and potwashing functions means that a variety of different items can be washed within one unit. Boasting a large capacity washing compartment with a width of 695 millimetres and a height of 505 millimetres, this machine is specially designed for dishwashing larger items, but can also be used for trays, plates and cutlery as you can easily adjust the water pressure.


If you choose to add the foldable shelf option, you'll gain a flexible machine that can wash for example several baking trays at the same time. Another useful option is the automatic hood lift with no need to manually raise the hood after each wash – your shoulders will thank you for it!

Thermos boxes, GN 1/1-canteens and washing baskets (500 x 500 or 500 x 600 mm) are placed directly into the machine without using the shelf. The water pressure is easy to adjust!




Thanks to adjustable water pressure arms and self-draining wash pumps, manual labour is reduced. Equipped with anti-blocking nozzles ensuring constant powerful washing pressure, the very best wash can always be achieved even when washing heavily soiled items. With a dedication to delivering superior hygiene levels, the WD-8 further excels with an automatic cleaning programme and guaranteed rinse temperature controlled by a thermal stop system. Hygiene levels are then maximised by the integrated HACCP control system.

Its large, deep tank helps protect against foaming whilst the robust and reliable design in stainless steel components guarantees durability and reliable operation for many years of constant use.


Energy Saving & ECO-FLOW

It is not just its flexibility which benefits the operator. In line with the Wexiödisk ethos of quality and sustainability, the WD-8 takes inspiration from some of the best-selling models within the company’s portfolio to continue to reduce operator costs.

Designed with a double-skinned hood which is both heat and sound insulating, this innovative feature not only reduces the opportunity for unnecessary energy usage by keeping more of the heat inside the machine, thus reducing the requirement for additional heat-up energy to be used, but it also helps to improve the working environment for staff within the washroom. Couple this with ECO-FLOW heat WD-8 provides operators with an efficient machine capable of excellent wash results with every use.  


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