Tips & Tricks #9

Marcus Gäfvert is project manager and designer at Wexiödisk and, together with development engineer Andreas Norviit, has been a driving force in the development of the new WD-12S combi dishwasher. 

In this tips and tricks article, we ask Marcus about the development process.



Marcus it is a long and complex journey to develop a new dishwasher. How has the process been?


- Developing a completely new product is a big task, but the team has together handled the challenges that has come our way. Planning, knowledge and commitment has achieved an end product to be proud of and the machine reaching the market is a long-awaited milestone.


What has been your goal with the new combi dishwasher?

- We have always focused on ergonomics, functionality and operating economy. The goal has been to exceed customer expectations and to find the most efficient solution, from manufacturing at our own production site to providing the cleanest washware for our end customers.


What do you personally think is the absolute best thing about the new WD-12S and what are you most proud of?


- What has impressed me most about the WD-12S is the ergonomics for the end user and its increased flexibility. The dishwasher is more spacious and the new rack guide with grids makes it easy to wash a variety of kitchen equipment, as well as crockery in the same wash cycle.

The machine is also designed in a way that makes cleaning easier for the user. The fact that we also have several new options available allows our customers to tailor the machine to their own individual needs. To summarise, I would highlight the ergonomics, hygiene and the increased washing capacity as the features I am most proud of.



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