Tips & Tricks #8

Over the past 50 years at Wexiödisk, a lot of technical innovations have been developed from the heart of our factory in Växjö. Historically though, we have been modest about telling the world about these developments. Over the past five decades, we have continued to develop products with high quality, durable components: products that are easy-to-use and very energy efficient...but how?


... Well, it is time to reveal one of the secrets?



If you think of how many restaurants there are in your own town, perhaps 100 or 200? Imagine if every single restaurant could make the following savings: 

  • 130 000 litres of water/year 

  • 5100 kWh/year 

  • 125 kg detergent/year 

  • 250 man hours/year


The result would be a large, LARGE saving for these 100 restaurants only in your town. Agree?

The next thing is - how many restaurants are there in your country? Too many to count?

The next thing to think about is the savings for the environment? Yes, you are right!

The secret is to install a pre-rinse machine next to your dishwasher. Very easy!


The pre-rinse machine PRM


  • With a PRM solution you place dirty dishes directly into the washing baskets without manual pre-rinsing. 
    You waste a lot of water with a spray-unit!

  • You don't have to wash dirty items straight away. The PRM’s efficient rinse action can even handle dried-on food residues, which means that washing can wait. You increase efficiency in the kitchen.

  • PRM rinses both from above and below, to remove even the toughest food residues, such as oil and dressing. You lower the washing time and use less chemicals.


The water used in the PRM is recycled water from the dishwasher. A smart solution for saving both water and energy at the same time as reducing manual work and improving the working environment.

There are many smart ways to install the PRM, straight or corner solutions and of course we have a PRM version that fits also the rack conveyor machines.
Take a look here.

For dealers: Login and use our calculation tool to estimate the savings and ROI. The pay-back time is faster than you can believe!

/ Greetings from Lisa