What dishwasher is best suited for the bar? 


In this interview, we ask our Service Technician, Patrik Christensen, what his best tips are for choosing a dishwasher for a bar...or why he thinks every bar should have a WD-4S under counter dishwasher!

The WD-4S under counter dishwasher was launched a few years ago, around the same time as I was hired at Wexiödisk. It was the first machine I learned to use, service and install. My experience ​with the WD-4S​ is very positive and many functions that are optional ​with other models ​come as standard ​with Wexiödisk.

Here are ​my three best tips: 

1. Hygienic

We understand that hygiene is more important than ever at the moment. When you do not use your dishwasher for a while, (during covid times, for example), light red mold ​can easily form in the machine and sometimes even a stale odor can appear. This is ​because parts of the machine have become dehydrated. Our WD-4S has a door that is set in hygiene mode, which means that the machine "airs itself" and the risk of bad smells and mold infestations ​is reduced. If you are careful and set the machine door in hygiene mode when the day is over, wear will be reduced and the service life of the machine will increase.

2. Easy to install

When you get your dishwasher delivered, everything is included, i.e.​ the emptying pump, detergent and rinse dosing. It is also easy to switch from three-phase to single-phase and setpoints are easily changed via the panel. It is essential to use a spirit level to ensure the machine is installed correctly. 

The Installation can be finished within a couple of hours... 

However, my absolute best advice is to do an annual review of your dishwasher. With our 100% Service check, you can feel safe and secure if your dishwasher stops or breaks for whatever reason. Simple and flexible in every way. Who wants to do the dishes by hand anyway?

3. Glass or standard model?

​Customers can choose between the glass dishwasher model or the standard model ​(with or without ECO-FLOW). It pays to have a ​specific dishwasher ​for washing glass. The special glass dishwasher program​me is the best way to achieve perfect dishwashing results. This combined with Wexiödisk's renowned ECO-FLOW function is the perfect solution for avoiding unnecessary steam seeping out of the bar.


So my simple answer to the question is, of course, WD-4S!

Read more about the WD-4S and the other models in the Wexiödisk range here.


Patrik Christensen

Service technician
Wexiödisk AB