The answer to the abobe question is probably yes!  But don't worry. there is a way to prevent steam being  a problem in the dishwashing room. Let's find out how!


Wexiödisk's Area Sales Manager, Helena Tranvik has looked after the company's  international markets for the past couple of years. We ask Helena for her best tips to avoid steam when dishwashing?


- One of our 'secrets' at Wexiödisk is our renowned ECO-FLOW feature. ECO-FLOW is a smart heat recovery system, invented by Wexiödisk many years ago. The ECO-FLOW feature uses the energy from the steam to heat the water for the next wash. It minimises the amount of steam and reduces the need for ventilation in the room. Drier air is also blown over the items in the machine, to ensure they dry quickly and efficiently. Today the ECO-FLOW function is installed in most of our hood type dishwashers and is very effective. You can also combine the ECO-FLOW with an automatic hood lift to get the very best solution.


Do all of the dishwashers in the Wexiödisk product range have the ECO-FLOW feature?

- Yes, you could say that almost all our products are equipped with some form of  heat recovery feature, ECO-FLOW. However, the function varies from product to product depending on the design and construction of the dishwasher.

When do you think ECO-FLOW is absolutely the best choice?

- I would answer, always, on that question but to choose one specific place where the ECO-FLOW is superb is in a bar or where the dishwasher is visible to the guests in the restaurant. The staff working at the bar also take care of all the glass washing and it is not ideal to be serving guests when there is steam in the face and bar area.



ECO-FLOW has been developed to save energy, as well as to provide an improved working environment. It is a smart heat recovery system which means you can avoid the discomfort of steam in your face, whilst achieving a more comfortable climate in the wash area.


For more information about our ECO philosophy please read here.