News on Swedish TV - How to improve the daily work for the fire brigade

Wexiödisk has delivered "washing machines" to the Swedish fire brigade for a number of years. It all started with a close collaboration with the fire brigade in Växjö, where we had the opportunity to test and develop accessories to create the best conditions for a perfect result.

We divide our four models into SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE AND EXTRA LARGE. You can read more about which model or models suit your station below.



WD-4S PPE is specially adapted to wash small details, masks and hoses quick and easy. It is optimal to have a WD-4S PPE only for cleaning face-to-face parts and washing tubes and other parts in a larger machine.




WD-8 PPE washes one fire fighting pack per wash and minor details.





WD-12 PPE is adapted for 2 fire fighting pack per wash and smaller details.


See installation of WD-12 PPE at Värends Räddningstjänst in Växjö



X-LARGE - WD-100 PPE Barrier

The WD-100 Barriär takes care of 2 fire fighting pack alt. 3 masks and other PPE details and is a pass-through model to create a barrier between dirty and clean side of the laundry room.


See the installation of the barrier machine at Oskarshamn's rescue service.


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