Two models of dishwasher machines. The difference is in capacity: WD-215T washes 16 trays per minute and WD-275T can handle a full 20 trays. The machines are integrated in automatic systems, connected and controlled by an external tray transportation system.

  • High capacity -16/20 trays per minute
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet and low energy consumption
  • Hygienic and ergonomic
  • Service-friendly


Compact, robust and reliable

The maximum capacity for WD-215T is up to 16 trays/minute and  WD-275T can handle a full 20 trays. 

The machine can handle trays in standard execution up to 530 x 330 mm. Other tray sizes on request.

Sliding doors simplify cleaning

The WD-215T and WD-275T is supplied with large, well-balanced sliding doors making all the washing, rinsing and drying areas easily accessible for cleaning. The doors can also be removed to allow the sealings to be easily cleaned.

All the components are accessible from the front side of the machine, which makes it easy to service. It also improves the working environment for the service technician with less time consumption as a result.

Customer cases

A good investment

Tray washing machines are highly efficient and save significant time for kitchen staff. The text display panel shows the ongoing wash cycle and the control system. With integrated HACCP function, all of the critical control points are monitored.