The ACS400HC minimises the time-consuming nature of sorting cutlery by hand, which allows for cost savings and a more effective washroom flow to be achieved.

If the cutlery sorter is connected to a Wexiödisk dishwasher, the result is a fully automatic washing system. The ACS400HC can also be connected to other cutlery dishwashers.

  • Capacity to sort 3.000 - 5.000 cutlery items per hour depending on the cutlery size, weight and shape.

  • Up to 30 different cutlery sets can be pre-programmed.

  • The sorter can be pre-programmed to sort virtually all cutlery as long as the length of the item does not exceed 215 mm.


Smart Dynamic Sorting

Thanks to the Dynamic function, the sorting unit lets you know when it’s time to change the boxes full of sorted cutlery. The handling time is reduced to an incredibly low five minutes per hour meaning the operator can look after the cutlery sorter alongside other tasks.

Intermediate storage with buffer tape

By using the buffer conveyor to temporarily store washed cutlery, sorting can be delayed in order to offset peak loads in the dishwashing room. In this way, work can be distributed more evenly throughout the day.

The cutlery sorting machine that impresses

Say goodbye to time-consuming, manual cutlery sorting with Wexiödisk's automatic cutlery sorter.


Customer cases


No hands or fingers come into contact with the washed cutlery. The guest is the first person to touch the cutlery after it has passed through the dishwasher, been washed and then rinsed in fresh water at 90°C.