In hospitals and other larger dishwashing facilities, large quantities of cutlery are washed daily. Thanks to its solid construction, cutlery dishwasher WD-ACS47D is a reliable and robust dishwasher that can easily handle the most demanding environments and high cutlery volumes.

The machine consists of a pre-wash, two chemical washing tanks, a double final rinse and a drying zone. A unique washing system guarantees the best possible wash results.


  • The machine has a large capacity and a compact design, and meets the highest hygiene standards. 
  • The HACCP function in the electronic control system monitors the washing process.
  • The cutlery washing machine can be incorporated into an automatic cutlery processing system, which washes and sorts cutlery without it being touched by dishwashing staff.
  • The dishwasher can easily be connected to an ACS cutlery sorter.


Hygienic management

The cutlery dishwasher normally includes an automatic cutlery handling system. The cutlery is washed and sorted without manual touching. The only people who touch the cutlery are the guests.

The dishwasher can be supplemented with cutlery sorting machine ACS400HC or ACS800.

Like with all Wexiödisk dishwashers, the construction is sound and heat insulated, which gives the user a significantly better working environment. On this model, all servicing takes place from the front.

6,000 cutlery/hour

Customer cases

washing result

The unique rinse and feed system in WD-ACS47D gives a perfect wash result and the cutlery comes out spotless.

The guest is the first person to touch the cutlery after it has passed through the dishwasher, been washed and then rinsed in fresh water at 85°C.