How does the Wexiödisk ECO-FLOW heat recovery work to save energy costs in the wash room?

Decrease soaring energy prices with ECO-FLOW

As energy prices and utilities continue to soar across Europe it’s now more important than ever for operators to prioritise sustainability, particularly when investing in warewashing models which historically, are known to be huge consumers of energy.


But what options are available to operators?

With Wexiödisk warewashers, operators can gain relief from some of the expenses that mount through energy prices, especially when opting for their world-renowned ECO-FLOW option.


What exactly is ECO-FLOW?

Wexiödisk’s effective ECO-FLOW is a smart heat recovery system which works by cleverly converting steam from a Wexiödisk warewasher into energy. ECO-FLOW recycled steam can then be used to power the warewasher in an efficient way rather than solely relying on electricity, thus allowing an operator to save energy whilst improving the climate in the dishwashing room which also helps to reduce the drying time of glassware with our hood-type glassware models.


Available as an option with the majority of Wexiödisk warewashers, ECO-FLOW is a must-have addition to any Wexiodisk warewasher, and can help operators clamp down on soaring energy prices whilst improving climate conditions for staff. 


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