Wexiödisk - supplier to one of Gothenburg's and Sweden's finest projects, World of Volvo!

The building will feature several restaurants, event spaces, and meeting rooms, with a total of three dishwashing rooms equipped with sustainable, ergonomic, and energy-efficient technology.

Wexiödisk has had the privilege, together with Perfecta Storkök, to deliver the dishwashing equipment.


In all three dishwashing rooms, Wexiödisk's new rack conveyor dishwasher concept is installed, featuring energy-saving and water-saving Optiflow functions, along with the pre-rinse machine PRM.

The rack conveyor dishwasher concept will save up to 30% of the energy cost compared to a traditional dishwasher solution, and appropriately, everything is Swedish-made and sustainable, making it a natural choice.


Glasses separated from other dishes

The traditional warewasher WD-6 is replaced with the new glass dishwasher WD-6 GLASS. Since large quantities of glasses will be washed, separate glass dishwashers are installed. This way, glasses can be sorted and separated from other dishes. The glass dishwashers will save a lot of time for the staff, who can focus on tasks other than polishing and drying glasses.


The glass dishwasher has a tilt function, meaning the wash basket tilts during the final rinse. This allows water to drain off the glasses, leaving them much drier when the washing cycle is complete.


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