Wexiödisk recruits new CFO

"As CFO, you are involved in most things - sooner or later everything ends up via the accounting!"

Veronica Ärnflykt is the name of Wexiödisk's new CFO. She most recently came from a similar position at Emballator in Växjö. Busy between budget preparations and monthly accounts she takes the time to answer some quick questions. 

Tell us a little about your background!

I come from a background as an accountant from both Ernst & Young and PwC, but for the past 20 years I have worked as CFO at Emballator Växjö AB, which is part of a larger group - Herenco AB. We developed and manufactured caps and closures in plastic. In addition to the CFO role, I had HR / salary and IT as my area of ​​responsibility.


What do you think characterizes a good working place?

It is very important to have a good mood and good communicaton with colleagues, partly to feel good about yourself but also to get to know each other well which is beneficial when you have to solve challenges. Wexiödisk feels like an open working place with a lot of laughter in the corridor.

A few weekends ago, Wexiödisk celebrated 50 years as a company and the staff had the privilege of being invited to an event in Stenungssund. After spending time with many colleagues during the weekend, I feel, just like at Emballator, that there is an enormous amount of pride at its foundation.

Something that is important to me personally is that the employer I work for stands for the same values ​​as myself; the will to do the right thing for employees, customers, owners and society in general, and I see that Wexiödisk stands for that. My first weeks here I was well received by everyone and many have passed my room and welcomed me.


You like working in manufacturing companies, how come?

In manufacturing companies, there are many processes that must work together and working with improvements of these and creating added value for both customers and employees is something I think has been interesting over the years. The last major project I was involved in was the introduction of barcodes according to the GS1 standard to be able to follow the product throughout the chain. This project not only provided added value for customers but also an opportunity for simpler procedures for internal warehouse relocations, unloading and also for inventory. I simply like working with processes that develop the business and make it more efficient.

And a little private?

My husband and I live in Växjö and we have three boys in the ages of 21-23. One of them moved a couple of years ago and the other two are about to leave as well. The family also includes to our high pedigree dog, a flatcoated retriever of just 2.5 years. We spend many weekends all year round in our summer house in Borgholm where we usually just relax, go for long walks and just enjoy life.


Do you have a special interests - besides going to your summer house?

After a day at work, I like to go out into the woods with the dog. We train some hunting obedience but the best we know is to go to the southern parts of Sweden and be part of the bird hunts as retrievers. An early, chilly morning when the heat rises from the ground and you see the steam in the sunshine, with my dog ​​by the side, completely concentrated on the shooter in front of us, waiting for the first pheasants and the shots that follow… that is the best I know!


We warmly welcome Veronica to our team.