Wexiödisk expands in Spain

Wexiödisk expands on the Spanish market together with an additional dealer for warewashing machines. 

Manufacturing one of the most comprehensive portfolios of warewashing equipment in the world, Wexiödisk appliances are renowned for exceptional reliability, outstanding versatility and unparalleled efficiency. Now, in a move, which is set to expand further the company has announced that Soberana Espana S.L will be supplying Wexiödisk equipment throughout Spain.

Soberana Espana S.L is a producer of stainless steel equipment with in-house production and distributor of premium brands within the food service industry.  Primarily Soberana, with its headquarter in Barcelona, will distribute Wexiödisk equipment to the food service sector with focus on the Wexiödisks range of hood type dishwashers for restaurants, bars, pubs etc.

Magnus Titusson, CEO of Wexiödisk comments:

“We see great opportunities together with the team at Soberana to expand our business with dishwashing equipment on the Spanish market. Wexiödisk and Soberana can together make a difference, offering the customer unique ergonomic and cost efficient ware washing installations.” 

Ramon Sellarés, owner and marketing manager of Soberana comments:

“We are delighted to work closely with Wexiödisk to develop opportunities and expand our presence in the Spanish market. Built to exceptional standards and delivering remarkable efficiencies Wexiödisk dishwashing appliances are some of the best on the market and we are happy to be a part of the Wexiödisk organization. Serving the food industry is all about delivering trust and reliability for the end users no matter if it is a hotel, restaurant or hospital.”