Keep shining with our glass dishwashers

Wash, Tilt = Sparkling glasses

Serving quality wines and drinks in perfectly clean glasses should be an easy task. However, in many restaurants you see staff polishing and polishing to get shiny glasses.

This is exactly why Wexiödisk has developed a new range of glass dishwashers for restaurants with high demands and who take pride in the wine and glasses that they serve. 


How does it work?

Well, it all starts with our renowned dishwasher that have been developed with the addition of a unique tilt function. 

When the glasses have been washed, the basket is then tilted backwards before the final rinse. As the basket leans, more water drains off and as a result the glasses are drier when the cycle is finished.


Hygienic with no fingerprints

This system allows glassware to dry in an optimal position with less manual hand drying, thus reducing the risk of fingerprints and smears whilst improving hygiene.  


Easy dual function

Wexiödisk’s Glasstilt is easily controlled with a button on the outside of the machine which means operators can easily switch to ‘normal’ after washing glasses.



Clear display for different type of glassware.

Wexiödisk’s glass dishwashers feature a selection of programmes for specific types of glassware. For example, when washing standard glasses, the final rinse temperature is set at 85 degrees in order to ensure the very best hygiene standards. For delicate wine glasses a greater amount of water is used in the final rinse.


5 models

  • Hoodtype dishwasher WD-6 GLASS
  • Hoodtype dishwasher WD-6 DUPLUS GLASS (extra energy and water savings)
  • Hoodtype dishwasher WD-7 GLASS (larger model than WD-6)
  • Hoodtype dishwasher WD-7 DUPLUS GLASS (larger model, extra energy and water savings)
  • Undercounter dishwasher WD-4S GLASS (no tilt function but instead a separate tilting basket)


You will find more information about our glass dishwasher range here.

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