Tips & Tricks #2

No fingers on clean cutlery!

What is more important than good hygiene in our washrooms. The ACS 800 cutlery sorting machine is specially designed to minimize the manual handling of cutlery in the kitchen. Simply, no fingers on clean cutlery!


With cutlery sorting ACS 800, the guest is the first to touch the cutlery after passing the dishwasher, washing and then rinsing in 90 degrees fresh water.


Absolutely superb and well proven

The cutlery sorter has been used for over 20 years in large kitchens around the world. Our customers are hospitals, universities, staff restaurants and the airline catering industry.


No time consuming sorting

Wexiödisk ACS 800 Dynamic cutlery eliminates the previously time-consuming sorting of cutlery. The cutlery, whether it is a spoon, fork or a knife, is now automatically fed into the machine. In this way, many working hours are saved in the dishwashing room.

Thanks to the Dynamic function, the sorting unit itself indicates when it is time to replace filled boxes with sorted cutlery. Operation time is reduced to an incredibly low 5 minutes per hour. The user can thus take care of the cutlery sorter in addition to other tasks.

When the cutlery sorter is combined with a cutlery dishwasher from Wexiödisk (ACS-47D / WD-66CT), the cutlery does not need to be washed twice and re-arranged between the first and second washing. The cutlery sorting can also be used completely independently.


  • Capacity 2,500 - 3,600 cutlery parts / hour depending on the size, weight and shape of the cutlery

  • Virtually all cutlery can be preprogrammed as long as the cutlery length does not exceed 215 mm


How does it work?

Watch our video to see how it works or to get more information on smart solutions for your dish- washing room contact your nearest dealer here

Your can also read more about cutlery sorter ACS 800 here